Able2Doc Changelog

New in version 7

January 3rd, 2013
  • Cross Platform:
  • In a first for a PDF to Word software converter, Able2Doc 7 is now cross platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. Able2Doc 7 is the exact same product no matter which of your chosen platforms you are working on. For linux users, you can convert the PDF into the open source Writer format. In addition, our Able2Doc license keys are agnostic, meaning you can switch your Able2Doc software between platforms if you change your computer.
  • Improved PDF Viewing:
  • Part of the Able2Doc 7 technology rebuild includes a newly developed PDF viewer that has been totally developed by The reason for the new PDF viewing is that we felt it was essential to improving speed and performance on larger PDF documents and increase the quality of PDF viewing to the standard of Adobe. As a user, you will benefit in two ways: You will notice it first when your PDF opens more quickly and you see your PDF in greater fidelity. Secondly, with greater document accuracy, the resulting PDF conversion output is improved in the Word format.
  • Improved PDF to Word Conversion:
  • Our team is always looking to improve upon the PDF to Word conversion output and with Able2Doc 7, we have done so by improving the conversion output through more accurate placement and easier editability and great accuracy to the document colors and fidelity once converted in Word.
  • Document Thumbnails:
  • The Able2Doc PDF to Word 7 PDF viewing window has been enhanced with an optional document thumbnail tab that can be used to more easily scroll through a PDF document. This becomes crucial when working with a large PDF document and wanting to scroll through it to find the portion of the document that you want to convert from PDF to Word.