New in version 2.3

August 23rd, 2013
  • Editer: new script.

New in version 2.2 (June 10th, 2013)

  • Lister: medit, a small but nice text editor, added.

New in version 2.1 (April 22nd, 2013)

  • Info: available screen resolutions added,
  • Sauver: configuration files added,
  • Comparer: new script,
  • Scanner: new script.

New in version 2.0 (February 16th, 2013)

  • Nettoyer: cleaning of streams added,
  • Prop: new script,
  • UltraCP: new script,
  • UltraMV: new script.

New in version 1.9 (January 14th, 2013)

  • New script.

New in version 1.8 (November 12th, 2012)

  • IP: display now the IPv6 IP (or IPv4 if you don't use IPv6).

New in version 1.7 (November 1st, 2012)

  • Lister: the date is in short ISO format.
  • Nettoyer: ClamAV logs directory is no more deleted (needed for update). All files in APT cache are now deleted (but not directories, needed for update). Cleaning of mozilla-media-cache added.

New in version 1.6 (July 23rd, 2012)

  • IP: new script.
  • Lister:
  • automatic search of another editor such Kwrite (Kubuntu) or Leafpad
  • (Xubuntu),
  • when there are several logs, they are open simultaneously in different tabs.
  • Readme files: update and supplements.