AEROS Changelog

New in version r3.5

January 17th, 2013
  • Updated Linux kernel from 2.2.39 to 3.2.0 which adds support for many more modern CPU/GPU/NICs and so on.
  • Updated the Nvidia driver from v290 to 310 which supports more modern cards.

New in version r3 (July 21st, 2012)

  • AEROS has become a 4in1 OS.
  • You get AROSx86, AROSm68k(experimental),Linux and with PlayonLInux access to your Windows apps and Games
  • Instead of adding a AROS68k nightly you will get AROS Vision (the 68k distro) done by Olaf Schönweiß (many thanks for allowing me this)
  • It comes with tons of software working on AROS68k (the ironic part is that 68k DOSBOX is working)
  • K3B has been replaced by Xfburn (lightweight burning tool) added gparted (easy partitioning)
  • Changed Installer to a graphical one which calls gparted and allows now also to choose locales before installing
  • added gmrun (linux quicklauncher)
  • added Transmission (for downloading future releases of AEROS ; ) )
  • added Terminator as main Terminal (allows to run multiple terminal sessions in one Window)
  • added Hurrican ( use grandr (also newly added) to change resolution to 640x480)
  • updated JanusUAE from 1.1 to 1.2
  • added 2 games to ScummVM (AROS) Beneath a steel sky and Drascula
  • Added „reboot“ and „shutdown“ options to quickstarter (AROS dock) (if it works depends on your mainboard.. in most cases it should)
  • Livemode checks for the highest resolution the framebuffer driver allows with your setup (Gpu+Monitor)
  • On my AresOne 2010 the lovemode goes into 1280x720@50Hz
  • In virtualbox it goes into 800x600, so it depends on HW combinations.
  • After installation to HD and installing your GPU-driver (Nividia, AMD, Intel, whatever) you will be able to change resolutions.
  • It will automatically choose the largest (ideally) resolution.
  • Also added a new AROS device called „removable_media“. Clicking on it will give you access to any attached removable media like USB-sticks, DVD’s and so on.