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Serbian GNU/Linux Openbox Edition

A Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and Openbox, designed for the Serbian com...

Serbian GNU/Linux KDE Edition

A Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution built around the KDE graphical desktop environment

BackBox Linux

A Linux operating system based on Ubuntu and designed for penetration testing and securi...

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Media Browser 3.0.5518 Beta

A free and cross-platform home media server powered by popular open source technologies

February 9th, 21:52 GMT

Kali Linux 1.1.0

The most versatile and advanced penetration testing Linux distribution in the world!

February 9th, 15:37 GMT

Poedit 1.7.4

An Open Source and cross-platform gettext translation catalog (.po file) editor for Linux

February 9th, 10:26 GMT

uxubos 2015.02.08

A complete, attractive and modern distribution of Linux based on the Xubuntu operating system

February 9th, 07:34 GMT

EasyNAS 0.5.3

Make storage easy with this openSUSE-based distribution of Linux that deploys a NAS server

February 9th, 07:33 GMT

LiVES 2.2.8

A powerful Open Source video editing system and VJ application for your Linux OS

February 9th, 07:03 GMT

LXQt 0.9.0

A next-gen lightweight desktop environment born from the merge of the Razor-qt and LXDE projects

February 8th, 21:00 GMT

Fluxbox 1.3.7

A lightweight and highly configurable window manager for GNU/Linux operating systems

February 8th, 20:52 GMT

JULinux 10 Rev3.1

A free and different distribution of Linux designed for Windows and Mac users alike

February 8th, 01:16 GMT

Gwyddion 2.40

An Open Source project that provides a SPM data visualization and analysis utility

February 7th, 22:55 GMT

Minimal Linux Live 07-Feb-2015

A minimal, lightweight and low on resources operating system based on Linux kernel and BusyBox

February 7th, 21:11 GMT

Korora GNOME 21

A Linux distribution based on Red Hat's Fedora Linux operating system and using the GNOME desktop

February 7th, 13:22 GMT

Korora KDE 21

An official edition of the Korora Linux operating system that uses the KDE desktop environment

February 7th, 13:20 GMT

Korora Xfce 21

A lightweight edition of the Korora Linux distribution that uses the Xfce desktop environment

February 7th, 13:18 GMT

Korora Cinnamon 21

A custom flavor of the Korora Linux distribution that uses the Cinnamon desktop environment

February 7th, 13:16 GMT

Why Can't I Connect? 1.10.2

Easily resolve TCP/IP connection errors with this open source and cross-platform application
Why Can't I Connect?

Stella 4.6.1

An open-source and cross-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac

Vivaldi Tech Preview 3 RC

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

Trillian Beta

One of the most used and popular Instant Messaging clients arrives on the Linux platform

Xubuntu 15.04

An official Ubuntu flavor the uses the ligthweight Xfce graphical desktop environment

Chromium 42.0.2311.90

A safer, faster, reliable, and more stable web browser for a better Internet experience

Tomahawk 0.8.4

The social media player that gives you instant access to all of your favorite artists

Lubuntu 15.04

The Vivid Vervet edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE


An Open Source display calibration system for Linux/UNIX powered by Argyll CMS and Python/wxWidgets

Skrooge 1.11.0

A free, simple, intuitive and powerful personal finances manager for the KDE desktop

FrostWire 6.0.7

A multi-platform and free Gnutella client that supports Torrent and Magnet links

D2X-XL 1.17.130

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Musictube 1.5

A free and commercial, lightweight and extremely handy YouTube music player application

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04

A special edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system designed for Chinese-speaking users
Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu MATE 15.04

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE
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  • Lubuntu
  • dispcalGUI
  • Skrooge
  • FrostWire
  • D2X-XL
  • Musictube
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Why Can't I Connect?
  • Stella
  • Vivaldi
  • Trillian
  • Xubuntu
  • Chromium
  • Tomahawk
latest ubuntu packages

Bitnami JasperReports Stack 6.0.1-2

An easy-to-install distribution of the JasperReports web-based application on personal computers

February 7th, 10:40 GMT

Bitnami phpList Stack 3.0.12-0

An all-in-one installer that helps you with the deployment of phpList on personal computers

February 7th, 10:36 GMT

Bitnami phpList Module 3.0.12-0

A simple graphical installer that helps you to deploy phpList on top of an existing LAMP stack

February 7th, 10:35 GMT

Bitnami Artifactory Stack 3.5.1-0

This free and open source package greatly simplifies the deployment of Artifactory

February 7th, 10:34 GMT

Bitnami Artifactory Module 3.5.1-0

The official Artifactory modules for Bitnami's LAMP, WAMP and MAMP stack servers

February 7th, 10:34 GMT

GNU C Library 2.21

GNU C Library is the most important library software of a GNU/Linux operating system

February 7th, 10:28 GMT

Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM Build 20150206 / 15.04 Daily Build

The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!

February 7th, 07:33 GMT

Music Player Daemon 0.19.9

An open source jukebox server that controls music playback on any distribution of Linux

February 7th, 07:22 GMT

Manjaro Linux 0.8.12

A network install edition of the Manjaro Linux distribution, based on Arch Linux

February 6th, 22:23 GMT
  • Chat

Viber 5.0

A free and multi-platform messaging, VoIP, and video calling desktop application

February 6th, 15:45 GMT

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pgCluu 2.3

A free utility for monitoring and auditing the performances of a PostgreSQL database

February 6th, 15:43 GMT


A cross-platform and Open Source graphical user interface toolkit for simplifying the design of GUIs

February 6th, 15:20 GMT

NOOBS 1.3.12

An all-in-one installer that allows the installation of various GNU/Linux operating systems on a R...

February 6th, 08:25 GMT

DbNinja 3.2.6

A FREE tool to access your MySQL database server from anywhere using a web browser

February 6th, 07:58 GMT

MikeOS 4.5

An Open Source operating system for x86 PCs, written entirely in the assembly language

February 6th, 07:31 GMT
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