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An electronic parts inventory system





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zParts is an alternative to using spreadsheet software and has a very high degree of customization. It was created with the electronic hobbyist in mind and even has support for part datasheets and images!

This program is completely FREE to use and modify at your own will. It is intended as a replacement for using a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel for keeping track of your electronic components. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

* Resistors
* Capacitors
* Switches
* Diodes
* Microcontrollers
* Logic Gates
* Cables
* And more!

zParts doesn't restrict you, either. You are free to create whatever part categories you want. You can also create any number of subcategories that will allow you to keep precise records of all your parts. You can also add images and datasheets to parts! With this program, simply add your new part, then select the image and/or datasheet you would like to use. In the future, referencing it is as easy as opening zParts, browsing to that part, and clicking a button - no more sorting through dozens of files!
Last updated on March 6th, 2009
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