wmDiscoTux 1.3

wmDiscoTux is a simple xmms visualization plugin.
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wmDiscoTux project is a simple xmms visualization plugin that sits nicely in windowmaker's (afterstep etc. should work too) dock. Actually, it doesn't need to be docked at all. Tux moves his bodyparts with the music. Now with fullscreen mode. Read the "features" section for more info.


1) tar xvfz wmdiscotux-1.3.tar.gz
2) cd wmdiscotux-1.3
3) !! check the Makefile !!
4) make (if doesn't build, try the binary in the package or edit the Makefile and/or sources)
5) make install (as root!)
6) start the plugin from XMMS's pluginmenu, configure and enjoy

Hint: first run the plugin and drag it to windowmaker's dock. then close xmms and change the icon's settings to start xmms when doubleclicked. now when you run xmms from here, wmDiscoTux will always replace the icon and run on the dock. I made an icon for wmdiscotux too. It's in the package.

Fullscreen mode must be activated separately every time, it won't go directly to the fullscreen mode on startup.

Here are some key features of "wmDiscoTux":

· tux's head goes with bass (left + right channels)
· tux's left leg with left treble and right with right
· user configurable
· strobo (now with 4 different colormaps)
· small cpu load
· fullscreen (320x240 only, your X should be configured to have this mode)

What's New in This Release:

· fullscreen mode
· "make install" now works
· propably more bugs

last updated on:
October 20th, 2006, 16:29 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Antti Takala
ROOT \ Utilities
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