usb_pickit 1.5

usb_pickit is atiny command-line program to control the USB Microchip PICkit 1 FLASH Starter Kit from Linux.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jeff Boly
ROOT \ Utilities
usb_pickit is atiny command-line program to control the USB Microchip PICkit 1 FLASH Starter Kit from Linux.

usb_pickit now supports the following chips:

PIC12F629, 635, 675, 683
PIC16F627A, 628A, 648A - Note: A versions only, will not work with older 627 and 628 programming algorithm
PIC16F630, 636, 639, 676, 684, 685, 687, 688, 689, 690, 716, 785, 877A, 913, 914, 916, 917
Modified device entries for better support for the 629, 635, 675, 683 with OscCal values located at 0x3FFF
Modified device entries and added a configmask for better support of Config Words and retaining Bandgap values.
--verify option to compare device to .hex file
--blankcheck option to verify all device locations are "1s"
--erase option to erase the device
--bandgap option to set the Bandgap values on the 629, 635, 675, 683
--osccalregen option to regenerate the OscCal on 629, 635, 675 and 683 using the autocal.hex file from Microchip and onboard 2.5kHz Oscillator
--memorymap option to print a map of program and data memory to see what is in the device
--config option has been enhanced to show more data, programmer checksums, OscCal and Bandgap values, masked Config Words, etc.
--oscon option to turn on the PICkit 1 oscillator, useful for some projects and OscCal regen
--oscoff option to turn off the PICkit 1 oscillator
Increased maximum device memory size to 8K to accommodate newer chips
Added support for Checksum calculations both by summing the file contents and by reading the checksum compute by the PICkit 1
Moved programming of Config Word to after the programming of memory so Code Protect and Data Memory Protect features can be used
Program now prints a message if the .hex file contains a config word based on a recommendation from Microchip
Several bug fixes, most notably a fix to the EEPROM data memory write code and true support for devices beyond the 629, 635, 675 and 683.
In general, support for most of what is in the 2.0.2 firmware on the USB chip. Make sure your PICkit 1 has the 2.0.2 firmware.

Last updated on May 18th, 2006

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