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Take UFO font sources and generate OTF’s and webfonts




ufo2otf is a command-line utility that takes UFO font sources and generates OTF’s and webfonts.


usage: ufo2otf [-h] [--webfonts] [--afdko] infiles [infiles ...]

positional arguments:
 infiles The source UFO files

optional arguments:
 -h, --help show this help message and exit
 --webfonts Generate webfonts in a ./webfonts subfolder
 --afdko Generate the OTF with Adobe Font Development Kit for Opentype

Usage examples

 ufo2otf OpenBodoni.ufo

will create a file called OpenBodoni.otf.

 ufo2otf OpenBodoni-Regular.ufo OpenBodoni-Italic.ufo OpenBodoni-Bold.ufo

will create OpenBodoni-Regalur.otf, OpenBodoni-Italic.otf and OpenBodoni-Bold.otf.


By default, ufo2otf uses FontForge to generate the otf files. FontForge is a free and open source font editor that comes with a python extension. The python extension has access to the functionality of FontForge without needing to launch the graphical program itself.

Ufo2otf will warn you if FontForge is not present. Installing it can be as easy as:

debian, ubuntu:

 sudo apt-get install fontforge python-fontforge

os x:

 brew install fontforge

More info see: http://openfontlibrary.org/wiki/How_to_install_FontForge


Ufo2otf can also use the AFDKO to generate the fontfiles.

The Adobe Font Development Kit for Opentype are a set of tools made available by Adobe that can help you generate Opentype/CFF fonts from PostScript sources, and to add OpenType features in the progress.

Since the AFDKO is not open source, and not installable on Linux, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Open Source projects. But it can be useful to have around, if only to compare the output to that of FontForge.

Please check http://www.adobe.com/devnet/opentype/afdko.html for installation instructions. Subsequently, one needs to install Tal Leming’s ufo2afdko package which in turn depends on Robofab:

http://code.typesupply.com/wiki/ufo2fdk http://robofab.org/


Passing the option --webfonts will generate a subfolder called webfonts. Ufo2otf autohints the font and proceeds to generate ttf and woff files. Feature releases will add support for eot, and automatically generating an appropriate CSS stylesheet.

When using the AFDKO to convert the fonts the webfonts option is not available.


UFO is an open and exchangable format for fonts.It is easy to write programs that process UFO fonts, and they play well with versioning systems like Git.



Ufo2otf has been developed by Eric Schrijver for the Open Baskerville font project, a collaborative open source typeface.

Last updated on August 27th, 2012

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