thdexpire 0.3

thdexpire project is a dynamic expire program for timehash/timecaf storage.

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Public Domain 
Olaf Titz
ROOT \ Utilities
thdexpire project is a dynamic expire program for timehash/timecaf storage.


< thdexpire >
[ < -t > < minutes > ]
[ < -f > < kilobytes > ]
[ < -i > < inodes > ]
[ < -m > < mindays > ]
[ < -x > < minseconds > ]
[ < -N > ]
[ < -v > < level > ]

< thdexpire -r >

This is a daemon, to be started along with < innd >, which periodically looks if news spool space is getting tight, and frees space by removing articles until enough is free. It is an adjunct (not a replacement) to INNs < expire > program.

Setting Up

Configure your storage classes carefully. Let the default go in class 100 and choose the storage classes as relative (percent) retention times. E.g. if you want to give C< alt.binaries.* > a fifth of the default time, put them in class 20. Storage classes above 200 are ignored by this program. 0 expires immediately. An example is given
in < "EXAMPLES" >.

Set up your < expire.ctl > in a way that it puts only a maximum cap on retention times. Run < expire > from < news.daily > as usual. However, it should only expire articles which have an Expires line or are in
classes above 200. See < "EXAMPLES" >.

Ensure to start this daemon along with < innd >.

To get information and statistics, run < thdexpire -r > (in parallel to a running daemon). This will show you the current actual retention times.

How It Works

thdexpire works directly on the spool. It assumes the layout described in the timehash and timecaf sections of < storage.conf(5) > as of INN-2.x-CURRENT (Dec. 5, 1998). For every storage class associated with timehash/timecaf, < thdexpire > keeps a < work time > which is the
modification time of the oldest article/CAF file in this class. This time is chosen so that the difference of the work time of class N to now (i.e. the < retention time > for class N) will be N/100 of the retention time of class 100. The work time of all classes is continuously adjusted as time goes by. Articles and CAF files which
are older than the work time are deleted.



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Last updated on January 25th, 2007

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