tclterm 1.3

tclterm is used to extend the Tcl core with terminal control capability.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Andreas Otto
ROOT \ Utilities
tclterm is used to extend the Tcl core with terminal control capability.

How To Compile And Install TclTerm:

(a) If you have already compiled Tclterm once in this directory and are now preparing to compile again in the same directory but for a dif-ferent platform, or if you have applied patches, type "make distclean" to discard all the configuration information computed previously.

(b) If you need to reconfigure because you changed any of the .in or .m4 files, you will need to run autoconf to create a new ./configure script. Most users will NOT need to do this since a configure script is already provided.

(in this directory)

(c) Type "./configure". This runs a configuration script created by GNU autoconf, which configures Tcl for your system and creates a Makefile. The configure script allows you to customize the Tcl configuration for your site; for details on how you can do this, type "./configure -help" or refer to the autoconf documentation (not included here).

Tcl's "configure" supports the following special switches in addition to the standard ones:

--enable-symbols build with debugging symbols (default NO)
--with-tclcfg-path=DIR Directory is located in.
--with-tlib=library terminal library to be used

Note: by default gcc will be used if it can be located on the PATH. if you want to use cc instead of gcc, set the CC environment variable to "cc" before running configure. It is not safe to edit the Makefile to use gcc after configure is run. Also note that you should use the same compiler when building extensions.

Note: be sure to use only absolute path names (those starting with "/") in the --prefix and --exec-prefix options.

(d) Type "make". This will create a library archive called "libtclterm< version >.so"

(e) If the make fails then you'll have to personalize the Makefile for your site or possibly modify the distribution in other ways. First check the porting Web page above to see if there are hints for compiling on your system. If you need to modify Makefile, are comments at the beginning of it that describe the things you might want to change and how to change them.

(f) Type "make install" to install Tcl binaries and script files in standard places. You'll need write permission on the installation directories to do this. The installation directories are determined by the "configure" script and may be specified with the --prefix and --exec-prefix options to "configure". See the Makefile for information on what directories were chosen; you can override these choices by modifying the "prefix" and "exec_prefix" variables in the Makefile.

(g) At this point you can play with TclTerm by running a tcl shell and typing Tcl command 'package require Term' at the prompt and a new command 'term' is avilable for further use. A man page 'tclterm' is available for additional instructions on howto use the new tcl 'term' command

Last updated on September 5th, 2007

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