snurtle 0.99.4

OpenGroupware Coils Command Line Client
snurtle is a command-line interface to the OpenGroupware Coils collaboration and workflow platform/server.

The Name

The name "snurtle" has no relation, except perhaps incidentally, with the pop-culture use of the term "snurtle". The snurtle project provides a command-line shell for accessing OpenGroupware Coils using JSON-RPC and the zOGI API. Turtles have shells. OpenGroupware Coils was initially a reimplementation in Python of the OpenGroupware Legacy Objective-C code base. The server project was named "Coils" because it is developed in Python and a python is a constrictor (a type of snake). So snurtle is a shell for a snake. Don't over-think it.


pip install snurtle

Quick Start

Start snurtle, set the uri and login environment variables, perform and authenticate command, then start issuing commands. At the end perform a disconnect or the shell may hang when you try to exit.

$ snurtle
(Cmd) set uri
(Cmd) set login adam
(Cmd) authenticate
authenticated as contextId#10100
adam > list-contacts --favorite
217750 Contact Smith, Fred
15389750 Contact McCormick, Stan
adam > disconnect
adam > ^C

last updated on:
August 2nd, 2012, 23:23 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Adam Tauno Williams
ROOT \ Utilities
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What's New in This Release:
  • Improved process, route list, task, and contact templates.
  • Add help string for "ps" command
  • Improved output from get-performance
  • Add list headers to template processor
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