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Settings manager for Python web-apps and projects. Another?
setman is a settings manager for Python web-apps and projects. Another?

The Great Idea

Some time ago we at oDesk PS developed django-setman app, which is the answer if you need to specify custom settings in your Django project and add ability to setup these settings from UI (like Django admin CRUD).

But later, we thought, what if modify this app and make it universal? We mean, not to use only with Django, but for example with Flask as well.

So please welcome setman - universal Python app to work with settings that could be customized via UI.

Supported frontends (frameworks)

- Django 1.3 or higher
- Flask 0.8 or higher

Supported backends (ORM)

- Django ORM
- File-based backend (supported formats: ini, json or pickle)


On most UNIX-like systems, you'll probably need to run these commands as root or using sudo.

To install use:

 pip install setman


 python install

Also, you can retrieve fresh version of setman from GitHub:

 git clone git://

and place setman directory somewhere to PYTHONPATH (or sys.path).

last updated on:
March 13th, 2012, 9:16 GMT
developed by:
Igor Davydenko
license type:
BSD License 
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