sash-plus-patches 3.7

sash-plus-patches is a set of patches for sash.

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2.6/5 16
ROOT \ Utilities
sash-plus-patches is a collection of patches for David Bell's widely known "standalone shell" (sash).

Here are some key features of "sash plus patches":


These functions actually provide interfaces to the respective Linux system calls. They are specificly useful when sash is used as a shell in "initial ramdisk" (initrd) environments.

In addition, a simple shell variable expansion support has been added, e.g. the variable "$(VAR)" is replaced by the content of the environment variable "VAR".

The current version of the patches has been verified for sash-3.7. In version 3.5 and version 3.6 my patches provided the capability to execute script files in a transparent manner, e.g. if the commandline argument didn't match anything else it was automatically interpreted as a filename and the content was executed line by line by sash. Starting with 3.7 David has added his own version of script file execution, however, he has taken a different approach, by introducing a "-f" command line option followed by an argument that specifies the script file.

In order to stay as close as possible to the original I have decided to remove my own implementation of that function and go back to what David uses. For those who have been using my earlier versions of the sash-plus patches the only difference is that the "-f" option needs to be added in front of the script file name. This is also true if such a script file is executed by an other shell that is already running. In this case the first line in version 3.5 and 3.6 was:


Starting wih 3.7 this line should look like:

#!/sbin/sash -f

Last updated on April 2nd, 2005

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