rolldice 1.10

A virtual dice roller

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What's new in rolldice 1.10:

  • Forgot to add a couple of entries to the changelogs, I see. Added them back in.
  • Truthfully, eventually I should rewrite this code completely, as I did originally write it before I really knew how one should write code like this. Perhaps over the winter break.
  • This version fixes the problem of urandom always being opened, thanks to initializing the (u)random file before reading in the command line options. Fixed that, plus replaced my option parsing code with a use of getopt_long().
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Stevie Strickland
ROOT \ Utilities
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rolldice is a simple command-line utility for rolling dices with different ways to compute.

Developer comments

rolldice is just a simple program that rolls an amount of virtual dice of any size.  Well, technically, all the attributes of the dice can't exceed MAXSHORT, but I think it suffices for any normal FRPG.

rolldice is a simple program, trying to uphold the UNIX philosophy of doing one thing, and doing that thing well.  However, this is not a claim that rolldice cannot be improved,  only that I am satisfied with it, as of right  now... of course, any improvements will be accepted gladly.

Last updated on December 16th, 2008

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