rjobs 1.3-pre5

rjobs is a remote agent which periodically exchanges job requests.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Randal A. Koene
ROOT \ Utilities
rjobs project contains an agent which can be run periodically and automatically establishes a connection with your other workstation(s), exchanging job requests to be performed at home, at the remote location or while rjobs is online (e.g. live access

A secondary daemon at the remote workstation accepts job requests by rjobs for full automated bi-directional cooperation.

The rjobs agent/daemon is able to deal with a variety of unforseen circumstances, from broken connections to hanging jobs. Once a connection is established, an rjobsguard at-job is set to activate at now+T (where T is 30 minutes by default), unless rjobs exits sucessfully, so that rjobsguard can detect if the state of your home workstation has returned to normal and otherwise kill the offending processes and reestablish the normal state.

Jobs submitted from the remote workstation to be run at home or online are encrypted with a mandatory encryption key, adding security against rogue job submissions in the case of a break-in at your account on the remote workstation.

A number of useful utility scripts are also included with the rjobs package to simplify frequent interactions with rjobs. The makerjobs script encrypts and prepares job scripts that you wish to submit to rjobs at the remote workstation.

The rjobsrsh script submits an rjobs.online-waitonline job script to establish an interactive session with your home machine when the next periodic rjobs connection is made.

Last updated on September 20th, 2006

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