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pkt project is a XML-based packet archiver with parity.




pkt project is a XML-based packet archiver with parity.

pkt is a universal XML packet archiver. It can manipulate files for backing up documents, transferring them across networks, emailing them, and sharing them by other means (p2p etc).

It uses plugin filters to do the job and handles virtually any format available if there is a plugin for it. It handles encryption, compression, conversion, parity checking, decryption, decoding, repairing, rebuilding, and other tasks using a universal file format (XML-based).

By default, all pkt output is in 7-bit ASCII which is UTF encoded and is compatible with XML parsers. pkt files can be disassembled, reassembled, and repaired by hand if necessary. pkt also supports the use of 8-bit compressed XML packets for its archives using one of several compression algorithms.

In general, pkt will try to use the best algorithms available.

Here are some key features of "pkt":

ASCII or Binary (Compressed) XML Packet Archiving
BZIP2 Compression System
Variable LDPC Parity Protection & Data Recovery
NIST FIPS-197 AES 256-bit Encryption System
RIPEMD 160-bit Secure Hashing Algorithm
DoD 5220.22-M (CLEAR) Secure File Wiping
Cross platform, 64-bit ready (if platform supported)
JDOM XML generator with auto-split
Legacy TAR,TGZ,JAR,ZIP,TBZ2 archive support
Basic utilities including calc,clock,conv,hexed etc.
Pluggable CLI or Thinlet XML GUI Interface
UUEncoding & UUDecoding Plugins
SSH/SCP/STUN & VNC Support provided by external snapin
Fully multithreaded / multitasking GUI
File merging, hashing, crlf conversion and copying utilities included Secure, cryptographically signed JAR distribution



What's New in This Release:

Added increased timeout to connection in jcterm
Added check for JCE in jcterm
Last updated on February 28th, 2007

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