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pixconv.pl is a Perl script to rename, (auto-)rotate, resize, scale, grayscale, watermark digital images.




pixconv.pl is a Perl script to rename (yyyymmdd_nnn.ext), borderize, (auto-)rotate, resize, grayscale, watermark, scale, and optimize digital images.

Usage: pixconv.pl [options] [file(s) | dir(s)]
-a auto-rotate images based on EXIF orientation tag
-A backup original images
-b num add border of WxH or N pixels to images
-B num add border padding to images to match WxH pixels
-c commit mode
-C text border color (default: white)
-d date date to use in format YYYYMMDD (default: )
-f fix images filename to be YYYYMMDD_NNN.filetype
-g create grayscale images
-l list EXIF data (summary)
-L list EXIF data (all)
-m text match images orientation [landscape|portrait]
-n num renumber image sequence numbers starting at num
-o optimize image (remove exif crud + make progressive)
-O optimize image (remove exif data + make progressive)
-p text sign position [top|middle|bottom]-[left|center|right]
-Q num quality value in percent for generated images
-r num rotate images by 90, 180 or 270 degrees
-R num resize images to WxH, W or xH pixels
-s num sign images 1=exif 2=exif+logo
-S num scale images by percent
-t text sign images with text (default: (c) YEAR)
-T file sign images with image logo file
-h help
-v verbose


pixconv.pl -c -f -a *.JPG

rename and auto-rotate images to _NNN.jpg or EXIF date

pixconv.pl -c -R 1024x768 *.JPG

resize images to 1024x768 pixels

pixconv.pl -c -b 20 -C white *.JPG

add white border 20 pixels wide to images

pixconv.pl -c -s2 -t "(c) YEAR [EXIF='ShutterSpeed' @ fEXIF='Aperture']" *.JPG

add copyright to EXIF and watermark image with year and speed @ aperture
Last updated on January 20th, 2008

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