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Node Implementation with ZODB persistence
node.ext.zodb is a persistent node implementation for the ZODB.

With node a unified robust tree structure can be build and with this package this structures can be persisted easily.

It provides two implementation types:

 node.ext.zodb.ZODBNode based on persistent.dict.PersistentDict,
 node.ext.zodb.OOBTNode based on BTrees.OOBTree.OOBTree.


First a open DB connection is needed. This may be a naked ZODB install or in an context of Pyramid or Zope2/ Plone or where ever it makes sense for you.

Once the DB root object or any other contained persistent object is available adding nodes is as simple as so:

>>> from node.ext.zodb import ZODBNode
>>> root['person'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person'].attrs['name'] = "Willi"
>>> root['person']['home'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person']['home'].attrs['address'] = "Innsbruck, Austria"
>>> root['person']['work'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person']['work'].attrs['address'] = "Hall in Tirol, Austria"

Once the transaction is committed all changes are persistent.

For more information on node and its usage please refer to the node documentation.

last updated on:
September 3rd, 2012, 16:51 GMT
developed by:
BlueDynamics Alliance
license type:
BSD License 
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