mysqlRadacct 1.41

When using our modified Cistron RADIUS server all detail accounting data is saved in mySQL tables.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Utilities
When using our modified Cistron RADIUS server all detail accounting data is saved in mySQL tables.

Monthly backups are automatically managed in great mySQL compressed read-only mode. Monthly reports for accounting department or mysqlISP billing usage can also be automated and usually are.

Our mysqlISP component system's focus is on a very stable telco quality ISP services via static configuration of servers from mySQL, but with mySQL not required to be live.


mySQL server and client libs installed and running on same server as the application. You must know the root password. (Paranoids: Check the install script in mainfunc.h)

Must have a running Apache server on the same server with cgi capabilities. Should be SSL enabled if possible (see below for intranet or other just "testing" non-SSL setup)

(Now radiusd source is included in distribution!) Must have mysqlRadius Cistron 1.6.6 specially mysql patched radius system to "feed" this app correctly. Read about it, and get it here:

Example BASH Install Instructions

shell>tar xzf mysqlRadacctN.M.tar.gz
(where N.M is the latest Major.Minor release)
shell>cd mysqlRadacct
shell>export CGIDIR=/apache/cgi-bin/
(or whatever your Apache cgi-bin dir is)
shell>vi local.h
shell>make install
shell>make install-lastmonth
shell>export ISMROOT=/home/joe
(or whatever dir the mysql application project dir is in)
shell>chown mysql $ISMROOT/mysqlRadacct/data
(and more commands to insure that
mysql can get to the initialize table data, like this:
shell>chmod o+x $ISMROOT etc.)
shell>/cgi-bin/mysqlRadacct.cgi Initialize
(If something bad happens at this step you will have to:
mysql>drop database mysqlradacct;
and start over with the Initialize after fixing permissions.)

This will setup application and allow you to login as user "Root" password "wsxedc"

What's New in This Release:

· Continued with local.h, main.c mainfunc.h "modernization." Which really just means W3C html validation, more mysql_real_connect defines and RELEASE command line printing in mainfunc.h menu.
· Fixing mysqlradiusd for problem with unsupported length cCallerID overwriting
· timestamps.

Last updated on March 15th, 2006

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