morse2led 1.0

morse2led translates text to morse code displayed on keyboard leds.
morse2led project consists of two programs, blinker and text2morse.

Coordinated use of the programs can translate text into morse code displayed on your keyboard's leds, as described in Neal Stephenson's _Cryptonomicon_.

The blinker program is a very flexible tool that interprets a token stream as signals to control the leds, allowing one to do cool things like make Knight-Rider patterns or send subtle visual alerts.

The text2morse program translates text into user defineable morse code text symbols. Compiles on Linux and FreeBSD. Runs in text console or X mode.


# gzip -dc morse2led-1.0.tar.gz | tar xvf -
# cd morse2led-1.0
# ./
# make
# make install

What's New in This Release:

Bug Fixed: text2morse: Incorrect morse for "e/E"
Bug Fixed: text2morse: Buffering stdin working incorrectly, producing huge volumes of output
Feature added: text2morse: command line settable DOT, DASH, code char delimiter, word delimiter
Option changed: -s is - for setting stdin input
Help files corrected and improved
Added morse code READMEs, produced by these apps

last updated on:
September 20th, 2006, 22:05 GMT
developed by:
Mark Wolgemuth
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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