mms2web 1.0

Perl utility that extracts pictures from mailfiles and publish them on a web server

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GPL v3 
Andreas Utterberg
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mms2web - mms2web demo
mms2web is a Perl utility that extracts pictures from mailfiles and publish them on for example a web server. The mail or mms sendt to the mail adress/mail folder verified is separated to different sections on the webserver based on a tagging system.

This gives you the possibillity to create profile/user based sections on your webplace where the users can send content that can be autopublished to the webpage.

Tagging system, should be used in subject and message body of email sendt to the mailbox:

#< tagging >#< information text >, ex #1#This is a testpicture or #foo#This is me this summer, #bar#Nice picture right?


1) Create a separate user.
2) Use fetchmail -b1 or other system to retrive mail from the mailadress/account being used.
3) Configure and run on the mail file to extract pictures and other information from the mail.
4) Empty the mail file so its ready for new content.
5) Review the program for an example.

mms2web has been used both for email publishing from mailclients, gmail and hotmail and from mms messages sendt from cellphones.

Visit for an example of how mms2web can be used.

mms2web requires Perl and uudeview to be able to extract the images from the created results file from mms2web.

Review header of to configure base parameters for your enviroment.

Last updated on October 9th, 2008


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