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lrceditor-amarok is a lrc editor against amarok, depends on pyqt3.It's version now is 0.2.0, but is the first release.






lrceditor-amarok is a lrc editor against Amarok, depends on pyqt3. It's version now is 0.2.0, but is the first release.

It is not amarok script, but need amarok provide the time tag of current song.

How to run:

decompress the tallbar, just type "./" in konsole or others.
Important: it's not Amarok's script

How to use: should open your Amarok first, whatever is play or stop status.
2.navigate to the track you want to edit the lrc of by Amarok or Lrceditor-amarok. can import .txt file to edit or .lrc file to modify, or just copy/paste the lyrics into textbox. press "start" button, the job is beginning, you can see something different: progressbar is moving,label of current time is changing. "insert tag" button or "F5" to insert the time-tag from Amarok to every line of lyrics.
6.when the track is over, progressbar never running, you now could fill the necessary information under the textbox, then generate and export the lrc file you just now made.Maybe you should choose export director and encoder first.
7.whatever you want.

Private shortcuts:

F5: insert time-tag
Alt-Q: quit
Pause Key: pause (Amarok)
P: play (Amarok)
S: stop(Amarok)
Alt-O: import .txt or .lrc file
Alt-D: choose export director
Last updated on June 3rd, 2007
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