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logbuilder is a simple tool, written in Python, for creation of ChangeLog based on version control content. It takes advantage of conventions used in commit messages to retrieve changes, that can be directly used in a ChangeLog. This way it should simplify the process of sharing changes with users, when new version of software is announced.


Let's assume, that one tags checkins with new features with 'Feature:' string and bugfixes with 'Bugfix:' string. This way he can easily retrieve all new features and bugfixes from the version control repository, when new version of software is distributed. For the first stable version of logbuilder, it would look like this:

logbuilder.py logbuilder/ -r "Feature:.*"

which would produce a result similar to this:

Revision 5 by gruszczy on (1260911863.0, -3600): Feature: filtering messages according to a given regexp.
Revision 8 by gruszczy on (1260914133.0, -3600): Feature: printing log into a file.
Revision 9 by gruszczy on (1260915629.0, -3600): Feature: specifying start and end revision for building log.
Revision 12 by gruszczy on (1260998805.0, -3600): Feature: filtering by a wildcard and by checking whether message contains given string.
Revision 13 by gruszczy on (1261152432.0, -3600): Feature: mercurial support.


To obtain usage information simply call logbuilder.py --help

last updated on:
January 12th, 2010, 4:26 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Filip Gruszczynski
ROOT \ Utilities
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