littleutils 1.0.20

littleutils are a collection of small but useful programs.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 23
Brian Lindholm
ROOT \ Utilities
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littleutils are a collection of small but useful programs.

The primary littleutils include the following utilities:
filedate - print the modification times of the specified files
filehash - print MD5 and SHA1 digests and filesizes for the specified files
filemode - print the file access permissions of the specified files
filenode - print the inode number of the specified files
filesize - print the file size of the specified files
memchurn - a quick-and-dirty memory "tester"
randomize - randomize lines from one or more files or from stdin
realpath - print the real path of the specified files
tempname - creates a unique temporary file for use by shell scripts

There are some simple image processing utilities:
imagsize - figure out the image size of various image formats
jpgcom - print any comments present in the specified JPEG image files
pngrecolor - rewrite a PNG file with a minimal palette
pngstrip - rewrite a PNG file with all extraneous information removed

There are some text file "cleanup" scripts that utilize other littleutils:
notabs - convert all tab characters to spaces in text files
notrail - remove all trailing spaces characters from text files
lreplace - perform string substitutions on text files

There are some compression optimization scripts:
opt-gif - losslessly optimize GIF image files
opt-jpg - losslessly optimize JPEG image files
opt-png - losslessly optimize PNG image files
to-bzip - converts .Z (compress) and .gz (gzip) files to .bz2 (bzip2)
to-7zip - converts .Z, .gz, and .bz2 files to .7z (p7zip) (extra only)
to-lzma - converts .Z, .gz, .bz2, and .7z files to .lzma (lzma)

There are some file maintenance scripts that utilize other littleutils:
lowercase - rename files to all lowercase filenames
uppercase - rename files to all uppercase filenames
pren - rename files using Perl regular expressions (extra only)
repeats - searches for duplicate files in the specified directories

What's New in This Release:

· An issue where the pngstrip utility (and the opt-png script that called it) would sometimes delete the transparency chunk even without the -a option was fixed along with a problem where the -t option in filedate didn't actually create output that was compatible with the -t option of touch.
· The memchurn utility was removed entirely as memtest86 or memtest86+ should be used instead.
· Portability of the to-7zip script in the "extra" subdirectory was improved.

Last updated on March 18th, 2008

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