ldapvi 1.6

ldapvi is an interactive LDAP client for Unix terminals.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ldapvi Team
ROOT \ Utilities
ldapvi is an interactive LDAP client for Unix terminals. Using it, you can update LDAP entries with a text editor.

Think of it as vipw(1) for LDAP.

What's New in This Release:

New features:
· SASL support (thanks to Perry Nguyen)
new command line arguments -I, -Q, -O, -R, -Y, -X, -U, as well as --bind and --bind-dialog
new keys 'B' and '*'
incompatible change: renamed --root to --read and dropped its short name -R
· new value encodings md5, smd5, sha1, ssha1 (thanks to Michael Hanselmann)
incompatible change: value encoding md5 renamed to cryptmd5
new configure option --with-libcrypto
· extended ldapvi syntax with change records
new key 'V'
· new command line arguments --in, --out, --delete, --rename
· LDIF support in the editor
new command line arguments --ldif, --ldapvi, --ldapsearch, --ldapmodify, --ldapdelete, --ldapmoddn, --add
incompatible change: old command line argument --add renamed to --empty
· UTF-8 support; new command line option --encoding
· use libreadline to read the user name
· support for configuration files ~/.ldapvirc or /etc/ldapvi.conf in ldapvi syntax, taking precedence over .ldaprc and /etc/ldap.conf if present
new command line argument --profile
new command line argument --ldap-conf
· show optional attributes as comments
new command line argument -m (--may)
new key '+'
· new key 'f': forget deletions
· continuous mode, similar to ldapmodify -c
new key 'Y'
new command line argument -c (--continue)
incompatible change: -c does not mean --config anymore
· incompatible change: new command line option --noninteractive
-! means --noninteractive now, not --noquestions
· C-l clears the screen
· pipe --help to a pager if used on a terminal

· always replace entire attributes (fixing a bug reported by Javier Barroso)
· fixed LDIF export to always Base64-encode non-ASCII values
· oops: escape backslashes properly
· schema reading (--class) works with Fedora DS now

Build change:
· preprocessor sellout: automagically #ifdefed support for libldap 2.1
· Last not least:
· new documentation in manual/manual.xml

Last updated on November 6th, 2006

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