kppp_logger 1.9

kppp_logger provides an app to log the amount of time you spend online.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Erik Ljungstrom
ROOT \ Utilities
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kppp_logger provides an app to log the amount of time you spend online.

kppp_logger uses the kppp program to establish a ppp connection to your ISP, and then keeps track of how long you remain connected.

The result is saved into a log.

This is designed to prevent the standard shock that occurs when the phone bill arrives.

It can be used under any window manager, not just KDE's.

This is a useful utility for you who uses 'kppp'or 'gnome-ppp' to connect to your ISP.

The main function is that it keeps track on your online time. So from now, there is no need for you to be suprised when the phonebill comes. It is completely free, and released under the GNU General public license. For more info, please read the README. kppp_logger and gppp_logger are written completely from scratch by Erik Ljungström.

One point to be made is that I have nothing to do with the kppp project
itself. Nor the gnome-ppp I am not trying to take any credit what so ever for that.

What's New in This Release:

· Rewrote large pieces of code in order to get it to compile with gcc 3.2
· Fixed a minor bug in the --total option
· Fixed so that it removes the total log as well upon -d
· Fixed duplicate definition of 'error'
· Rewrote some in the Makefile (autoconf support will be added to the next release)
· Altered the code in cnt.cpp

Last updated on April 17th, 2007

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