grml-live 0.0.10

grml-live is a build framework based on FAI for generating a grml and Debian based Linux Live system (CD/ISO).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Michael Prokop
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grml-live is a build framework based on FAI for generating a grml and Debian based Linux Live system (CD/ISO).

grml-live provides the build system for creating a grml and Debian based Linux Live-CD. The build system is based on FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). grml-live uses the "fai dirinstall" feature to generate a chroot system based on the class concept of FAI (see later sections for further details) and provides the framework to be able to generate a full-featured ISO. It does not use all the FAI features by default though and you don't have to know FAI to be able to use it.

The use of FAI gives you the flexibility to choose the packages you would like to include on your very own Linux Live-CD without having to deal with all the details of a build process.

grml-live does not use /etc/fai for configuration but instead provides and uses /etc/grml/fai. This ensures that it does not clash with default FAI configuration and packages, so you can use grml-live and FAI completely independent at the same time!

Here are some key features of "grml live":

create a grml-/Debian-based Linux Live-CD with one single command
class based concept, providing a maximum of flexibility
supports integration of own hooks, scripts and configuration
supports use and integration of own Software and/or Kernels via simple use of Debian repositories
native support of FAI features

Usage examples

To get a small, Debian-stable and grml-based Live-CD using /grml/grml-live as build and output directory just run:

# grml-live

To get a small Debian-unstable and grml-small based Live-CD using /home/mika/grml-live as build and output directory just use:

# grml-live -c GRMLBASE,GRML_SMALL,I386 -o /home/mika/grml-live

To get a small, Debian-unstable and grml-based Live-CD using /tmp as build and output directory and use grml_0.0-3.iso as ISO name (placed inside /tmp/grml_isos) just invoke:

# grml-live -o /tmp -c GRMLBASE,GRML_SMALL,I386 -s sid -i grml_0.0-3.iso

If you have about 700MB of free space inside /dev/shm (being a tmpfs, usually you should have >=1GB of RAM) just run "mount -o remount,suid,dev,rw /dev/shm" and use /dev/shm as build and output directory - resulting in very fast build process. But please be aware of the fact that rebooting your system will result in an empty /dev/shm, so please another directory for $CHROOT_OUTPUT, $BUILD_OUTPUT and $ISO_OUTPUT if you plan to create more persistent output.


any Debian based system should be sufficient (if not it's a bug, so please send us a bug report then) [a usual grml2hd harddisk installation ships all you need]
enough free disk space; at least 800MB are required for a minimal grml-live run (~400MB for the chroot [$CHROOT_OUTPUT], ~150MB for the build target [$BUILD_OUTPUT] and ~150MB for the resulting ISO [$ISO_OUTPUT] plus some temporary files), if you plan to use GRML_FULL you should have at least 4GB of total free disk space
fast network access for retreiving the Debian packages used for creating the chroot (check out "local mirror" and "NFSROOT" to workaround this problem as far as possiblbe)

Last updated on November 27th, 2007

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