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gSmile is an open-source emoticon manager.




gSmile is an open-source emoticon manager, that is a nice piece of software that helps you to keep your emoticons and smilies organized and to find them quickly whenever you need one of them.

In a few words, let's imagine a common situation when gSmile could be useful.
You're having a discussion on an internet forum, in one of your posts you need a particular emoticon to show the exact meaning of what you've written: if you haven't gSmile, you remember that you saw the emoticon you need, but you don't remember when nor where, so you aren't able to find it.

Instead, if you have gSmile installed on your system, and you stored the emoticon, you need only to select the folder which contains those emoticons and drag the one you want in the text field in you browser: gSmile will insert the tag you chose with the URL of the emoticon, quickly and easily.

gSmile is written in Python, an interpreted language which eases the portability of software: I chose it because of its simple, clear syntax and powerful libraries, because it's easy to learn and to use, making the life of the developer much easier.

gSmile uses the GTK+ graphical toolkit for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) through the PyGTK Python wrapper: quick, lightweight and popular.

The emoticon database is stored in an XML file manipulated through the powerful XML support of Python libraries.

Here are some key features of "gSmile emoticon manager":

· Full Drag'n'drop of emoticons from and towards web-browsers and e-mail clients
· Emoticons store in nested folders with infinite depth
· Use any emoticon in any forum
· Simple and intuitive interface
· Multiple tag-mode function: more than one type of tag to be used
· Tray-icon: show gSmile when mouse goes over the icon
· Very customizable window appearence
· Two window behaviours: Classical and Advanced (normal window or customized)
· Multiple database: you can use different databases
· Folders reordering
· Much more, but I haven't the will to fill this list...


· Python 2.3
· PyGTK 2.5 (development series)
Last updated on August 1st, 2005
gSmile emoticon managergSmile emoticon manager

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