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gMobileMedia is a simple gtk application used to browse and handle a mobile phone filesystem.





gMobileMedia is a simple gtk application used to browse and handle a mobile phone filesystem. The project can handle phones with more than one memory area (thanks to gammu). This application is released under the GNU/GPL so you are freely able to change it, modify it and redistribute it as long as you keep your work under the same license.

A short description this application let's you easily upload and download images, ringtones, photos and applications to your mobile phone, all that you need is a data cable or any other connection method supported by gammu.

gMobileMedia LogoThis application has been targeted mainly for Nokia cell phones (I only have those to test), but theorically it can handle all the phones that gammu has support for. This is also because I never could found an easy to use alternative in Linux for Nokia's PC Suite.


· GTK+ version 2.4.x
· libgammu0
· python-gammu
· python-gtk
· libglade2
· python-glade2

What's New in This Release:

Rev. 17
· Added Swedish (sv) translation, thanks to Daniel Nylander

Rev. 16
· Tested against Python 2.5
· added new icons thanks to Panos Laganakos
· Fixed a nasty bug that prevented from deleting files
· Fixed error when adding files
· Added more error detection routines to make it safer
· Added more validations to the file handling routines in the file engine

Rev 15.
· added more validations, checked more states of the gammu connection

Rev 14.
· Added more documentation
· Added custom icons for folders and files
· Changed from using default gnome themed icons to custom ones
· Simplified the mime handling
· improved memory handling to avoid loading too many objects
· Added more validations to the communication process (timeout, permissions, phone not supported)
· Fixed a bug that prevented to close the about box with the lower button
· Added an option to translate common folders for Nokia phones (others might be easily adapted)
Last updated on April 25th, 2007
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