futil 2.4

A set of Linux utility scripts
futil is a set of Linux utility scripts. Easy command-line access to system config tasks, forward VNC or RDC connection through remote gateway over SSH, re sync to network after suspend, display processes associated with a pty, backup key system config files, etc


Using your usual login name, unpack the futil tar archive, change into the
extracted folder, and run the install.sh script.

For example, assuming the tar archive file is in your home directory and
you want the futil scripts to reside in ~/futil, do this:

cd ~ # Change to your home directory
tar -zxf ./futil-2.0.tgz # Unpack the futil archive
cd futil # Change to the extracted futil folder
./install.sh # Run the install script

This will create symlinks in your ~/bin directory, which will link to the
scripts in the unpacked futil folder.

Conversely, run ./uninstall.sh to remove the symlinks to uninstall the package.

IMPORTANT: Make sure ~/bin is in your $PATH. If not, then add it. Otherwise, you will not gain access to the futil scripts at the shell command line.

last updated on:
December 13th, 2010, 15:11 GMT
license type:
Academic Free License (AFL) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Utilities
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What's New in This Release:
  • Two new scripts were added: mhp (Modify Headers parser) and purl (Parse URL).
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