firkin 0.02

firkin is a Python module to convert between different measurement units.

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What's new in firkin 0.02:

  • "Groups" were added to UnitManager.
  • Additional prefixes were added to SIFamily.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Florian Diesch
ROOT \ Utilities
firkin is a Python module to convert between different measurement units.


First we create an instance of UnitManager:

>>> um=UnitManager()

Next we create two families of units. The first one ist liter and uses SIFamily to automatically create units with the SI prefixes:

prefix meaning value
f femto 10-15
p pico 10-12
n nano 10-9
micro 10-6
m milli 10-3
k kilo 103
M mega 106
G giga 109
T tera 1012

>>> um.add(SIFamily(base='l', name='liter'))

Now our UnitManager knows about fl, pl, nl, ..., Ml, Gl, Tl.

How many liters are 10000 ml?:

>>> um.convert_to_unit(1e4, 'ml', 'l')
(Decimal("10.0000"), 'l')

Next we create a family by hand:

>>> f=Family(name='f', base='gallon')
>>> f.add('barrel', 36, 'gallon')
>>> f.add('kilderkin', 0.5, 'barrel')
>>> f.add('firkin', 0.5, 'kilderkin')

Now we have a family called f that used gallon as its base and knows about barrel, kilderkin and firkin, too.

How much gallons is one firkin?:

>>> f.convert(1, 'firkin', 'gallon')
(Decimal("9.00"), 'gallon')

What's the best way to express 3 kilderkin?:

>>> f.autoconvert(3, 'kilderkin')
(Decimal("1.50"), 'barrel')

To convert between family f and family liter we need to add f to our UnitManager and tell how much liters (base unit of family liter) a gallon (base unit of family f) is:

>>> um.add(f, other='liter', factor=4.54609)

Of course the UnitManger can convert firkin to gallon, too:

>>> um.convert_to_unit(1, 'firkin', 'gallon')
(Decimal("9.00"), 'gallon')

But it also can convert firkin to liters:

>>> um.convert_to_unit(1, 'firkin', 'l')
(Decimal("40.9148100"), 'l')

Or find the best way to express one liter in one of the units from family f:

>>> um.convert_to_family(1, 'l', 'f')
(Decimal("0.219969248299"), 'gallon')

That works with barrels, too:

>>> um.convert_to_family(1, 'barrel', 'f')
(Decimal("1.00"), 'barrel')

A classical example: How to convert between C and F?

We need a family for C:

>>> um.add(Family(base='C'))

and for F.

F is (C-32)/1.8:

>>> um.add(Family(base='F'), other='C', offset=(-32/1.8), factor=5.0/9)

Now we can convert:

>>> um.convert_to_unit(32, 'F', 'C')
(Decimal("-8E-12"), 'C')
>>> um.convert_to_unit(100, 'C', 'F')
(Decimal("212.0"), 'F')

Converting between C and ml isn't useful:

>>> um.convert_to_unit(1, 'C', 'ml')
(None, None)

Last updated on October 15th, 2008


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