efingerd 1.6.2

efingerd is a finger daemon which executes programs and displays their output.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.0/5 1
Radovan Garabik
ROOT \ Utilities
efingerd is a nice finger daemon, giving you complete control over what are you going to send to somebody fingering your computer. It is based on my xtell program, which is in turn based on ident2 by Michael Bacarella.


linux, freebsd, maybe others

If you are just an ordinary user and efingerd is already installed by your friendly administrator, you can take the advantage of it by making executable .efingerd in your home directory (it can be anything; from single shell script to a program in super-hyper-extra-object oriented
language - only speed makes a difference).

This program takes two arguments, the first is the name of remote user fingering you (or (null) if his/her/its system does not run ident), the second one is address of his computer (or IP number, if efingerd is installed with option -n).

Standard output of this program is then displayed to the person fingering you. Look at examples-standard/.efingerd for a nice example.

The program itself depends on libident. If you cannot install it, you can still compile efingerd, just add -DDONT_HAVE_LIBIDENT to the gcc options (see Makefile).

However, without ident you loose one of the strongest features of efingerd, i.e. deciding about the finger output depending on who is fingering.

What's New in This Release:

added Brazilian Portuguese debconf template, closes: #108532
fix unterminated string error
added Lithuanian debconf template
warning about security issues added to README (closes: #133678)

Last updated on October 11th, 2005

#finger daemon #execute program #output display #efingerd #finger #daemon #execute

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