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Small, yet powerful Open Source CLI tools to convert text files from/to DOS and UNIX encoding

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Dos2Unix is an open source, cross-platform and free command-line software that can be used to efficiently convert text files from one encoding to another. It supports DOS, MAC and UNIX line breaks. It is actually comprised of three CLI utilities, dos2unix, unix2dos and mac2unix, which allow users to easily and quickly convert text files that have UNIX line endings, MAC line endings or DOS line endings to one another.

Features at a glance

Key features include support for converting Unicode UTF-16 and Unicode UTF-8 files, support for converting UTF-16 files to UTF-8 ones, handling of Unicode BOM (Byte Order Mark) encodings, support for several conversion modes, including paired, in-place, 7-bit, ISO or stdio, support for skipping non-regular and binary files, as well as the ability to keep the original date of the converted file.

Additionally, the software is very secure and comes with native support for several languages, including English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Russian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Hungarian, Esperanto, Norwegian Bokmal, Serbian, Polish and Ukrainian.

Command-line options

The program includes many command-line options, which allow users to convert only line breaks, convert between DOS and ISO-8859-1 character sets, use various code pages, change the conversion mode, follow symbolic links and convert the targets, replace symbolic links with converted files, as well as to keep targets and symbolic links untouched.

Under the hood, supported OSes and availability

This project is actually an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations. Therefore, it also supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 conversions, and runs well on Linux, Microsoft Windows and BSD operating systems. It is written entirely in the C programming language.

The Dos2Unix project can be easily installed from the default software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution. If the package is not available on your operating system, then you can use the universal tarball provided by Softpedia on the dedicated download section above.

Dos2Unix was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 4th, 2015
Dos2Unix - The help message of the dos2unix command-line tool, as viewed from the Linux TerminalDos2Unix - The help message of the unix2dos command-line tool, as viewed from the Linux TerminalDos2Unix - The help message of the mac2unix command-line tool, as viewed from the Linux Terminal

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