debtakeover 0.8

debtakeover is a tool for switching any running Linux distribution to Debian on the fly.
The debtakeover utility is used to replace the current running system with Debian. debtakeover is intended to be used on a colocated server where you do not have physical access to the host.


Build debootstrap, and use "make install" to place it in the proper directories and make sure the main script can be found in the PATH, otherwise that will be checked by debtakeover.

Place debtakeover in any excluded directory (/root) and run it from there.

Take a look at debtakeover's --help option. By default it installs a stable suite, and uses the colo profile.

What's New in This Release:

Added a man page.
Added a NEWS file.
Updated README: add more successfully migrated distros, spelling fixes.
Preserve /etc/grub.conf on weird distros.
Keep network config when taking over a Debian system.
Check for MAKEDEV existence.
Sanitize distro name output.
Detect more distros: YellowDog, Turbolinux.
Give proper name to all detected distros, even Debian.
Check generated chroot sanity.
Split configuration into pre and post, relative to the trash step.
Make the configure step more robust.
Do not remove /cdrom and /floppy dirs.
Print version, to trace better user reports.
Preserve gateway setting in the RedHat network conversion.
Fix loopback config generation in RedHat network conversion.
Fix root's PATH breakage on RedHat systems after logout.
Fix not found user specified tarball w/o an absolute path.
Make argument parsing more robust.
Added a signal error handler.
Fix to generate a valid tarball, usable outside debtakeover scope.

last updated on:
April 2nd, 2005, 19:52 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Guillem Jover
ROOT \ Utilities
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