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cwISPY is an ISP billing and management system.




cwISPy allows you to get back to important job of running your business by taking care of billing your customers automatically at your specified intervals.

We support Open Source products such as Apache, Php, PEAR, MySQL and Postgres you can budget your hard earned money into enhancing your business and improving your profit margins. cwISPy also runs on commercial platforms such as IIS with PHP installed, so there is no need to change the way you operate if you dont run such systems.

cwISPy project is released under the GPL.

Here are some key features of "cwISPy":

Automatic Invoice generation and emailing
Automatic emailing of Receipts and Statements
FreeRadius Integration
Unlimited number of customers
Unlimited number packages
Unlimited number of Taxes
Unlimited number of VISP billing profiles
Seperate Customer Interface
Customer Event tracking
Trouble tickets
User configurable Bill Intervals
Staff ACL's (Access Control List)
Best of all... Its Free!!!

What's New in This Release:

This release adds HTML invoices, receipts, and statements.
It fixes a bug in the invoicing editing system.
Many input string sanitization bugs have been fixed.
The customer area has been cleaned up to an extent that it should be safe to use in a production environment.
Information has been added to the INSTALL file for variables that can be used in HTML invoices, etc.
You can now choose mysqli as the PEAR::DB driver in cwispy-settings.php.
Many files are now XHTML-compliant.
Many PHP notice errors have been fixed.
Last updated on March 23rd, 2006

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