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config-mplayer is a small GUI program for customizing your mplayer configuration.




config-mplayer is a small GUI program for customizing your mplayer configuration. The project is NOT a wrapper or GUI version of mplayer. It's only business is showing some configuration options and rewriting the mplayer config whenever you change them. The idea is that you can customise it with YOUR desired configuration options just by editing a few files.

I commonly use it for:

Switching my audio output between rooms (devices).
Changing the DISPLAY which mplayer will play on - for playing on my main desktop, my TV, or within VNC (and in the case of VNC - selecting the SDL driver which actually works over VNC).
Switching the video to use X11 so that I can take a screenshot.
Changing the aspect ratio of a video when the file is incorrect.
Toggling the 'eq2' filter on when I start a second instance of mplayer and the first instance has got the overlay brightness control.
Starting in fullscreen
Cropping the black borders off of a PAL video within a wide format stream.

and things I do less often but want to be able to do without any bother:

Adding a volume filter for low or high volume video files.
Toggling deinterlacing.
Forcing the OSD on or off.
Forcing the index of a dodgy file to be rebuilt.
Switching to using a different XV port when the main one decides to stop working and just stays blue (very rare these days).
Selecting an MPEG-TS transport stream pid.
Adjusting subtitle position

As an example, I can select from various audio output configurations by checking a checkbox. If you look at the screenshot you will see I have a checkbox for 'office' and 'lounge' and 'headphones' etc. Each checkbox corresponds to a file on disk which contains just the specific mplayer configuration for that option.

The configuration it shows is customisable to your hearts content.

Basically you create subdirectories within ~/.mplayer-configs for each configuration item you want (you can download my setup as a sample below).

Each folder within the ~/.mplayer-configs has the files within it turned into radio buttons.
Each file directly within ~/.mplayer-configs is turned into a checkbox.
Last updated on February 26th, 2007

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