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blahps is a project that provides a process manager.




blahps is a project that provides a process manager.

blahps is a small GUI program for viewing the processes running on your computer. Unlike other 'process managers' or 'task managers' for *nix though, it aims to actually be useful for something. For example, if you are trying to catch a very short intermittent process you can start blahps and then wait for the process to appear. Depending on the refresh period, blahps is likely to catch the process before it dies and then even after it dies it will still allow you to see the process in it's dead processes pane.

With blahps you can FILTER your process listing or sort by reasonable columns like 'age' to show recent processes first.

blahps has a Flat view mode and a tree view mode for those times when you want to see the parent/child relationship.

blahps tries hard not to disrupt what you have selected just because it has updated part of it's display. For example if you have pre-hilighted a process which you are getting ready to kill. You wont lose the selection and have to select it again just because the GUI refreshed and added some rows.

blahps allows you to select and kill MULTIPLE processes at once.

blahps has a quick access toolbar for selecting the signal you want to send.
For the tree view mode, blahps has an EXPAND filter so you can choose NOT to expand certain nodes (such as a java process which has 40 threads).

blahps Allows you to view the whole command line of a process without scrolling, by wrapping it.
Coming soon - the ability to copy data out of the tree cells.

blahps shows processes that aren't owned by you in grey.

blahps has MOST of the simple process data available through /proc/pid/xxx files as columns which you can show or hide.

blahps has some 'simplified' columns designed to make things easier or more
convenient. For example it has an argv0-nopath column so you can sort by the process name NOT including the path components, and 'argv0-nice' which will do things like show the script name instead of the interpreter name if the process seems to be an interpreter running a script, or like showing a jar file for a process which is something like java -jar blah.jar.


GTK version
perl GTK2 bindings (perl-gtk2 or gtk2-perl depending on your system)

What's New in This Release:

This release includes a fix for an ugly bug that caused it to crash when you cleared the show filter.
Last updated on February 22nd, 2007

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