ZWeatherApplet 1.99

ZWeatherApplet is a Zope Product, heavily based on the Gnome Weather Applet.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Utilities
ZWeatherApplet is a Zope Product, heavily based on the Gnome Weather Applet by Spiros Papadimitriou and the PyMetar module by Tobias Klausmann and me. ZWeatherApplet also includes icons and data from the Ximian Evolution MUA.

This project is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

ZWeatherApplet by default only displays a subset of the weather information. You can access much more methods to display exactly what you want, please read the source or the online help.


I've noticed, but too late, that two different Zope products named ZWeather exist, this one and another one coded by Andrew Kenneth Milton which is available at

His products implements a new dtml-weather tag, while mine doesn't.

I've renamed my own product to ZWeatherApplet to avoid confusion.

Installation :

1 - Download and install the pymetar Python module from :

You need at least version 0.12

$ tar -zxf pymetar-0.12.tar.gz
$ cd pymetar-0.12
$ python install

2 - Download and install the ZWeatherApplet product from :

Then, under Debian :

$ cd /var/lib/zope/instance/default/Products

if an error occurs, then please manually create
the /var/lib/zope/Products directory and restart

$ tar -zxf ~/ZWeatherApplet-1.99.tar.gz

restart Zope :

$ /etc/init.d/zope stop
$ /etc/init.d/zope start

Installation instructions may be somewhat different on
other systems. You're on your own.

3 - Add some ZWeatherApplet instances with correct location codes
(see the four letters codes in the file Locations, or use the
drop down list)

4 - You can display them with the default rendering with :

< dtml-var YourInstance >

or you can display them the way you prefer, by calling
individual methods :

< dtml-with YourInstance >
< dtml-call refresh > < !-- Refreshes data from the NOAA server -- >
Temperature : < dtml-var getTemperatureFahrenheit >°F
< /dtml-with >

NB : You must call refresh in this case, otherwise data is never
refreshed. The refresh() method takes care of caching and
cache expiration for you (by default 15 minutes), so this
shouldn't hurt your bandwidth. Caching is done per instance,
so if you display many instances at once be careful to not
create them at the same time to dispatch the speed loss
encured when fetching new datas accross several instances
in the time.

Last updated on November 18th, 2007

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