Yeast 0.4

Yeast is a tool to manage resources like java jar files, or any other type of file.

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The Apache License 2.0 
Yeast team
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Yeast project is a tool to manage resources like java jar files, or any other type of file. Manage means that files are downloaded from different locations and are stored in a local repository.

This tool was inspired by apt and maven. Maven has a nice management for java jar files which has a great benefit for a java project that is split into many small projects. Projects often have dependencies to other projects and it is always difficult to manage the classpath and to have the right jar files at the right location.

The maven reporitory helps here a lot. But there are some things with maven that are not so good (this is my opinion, don't blame me for this), so the repository thing would be nice in an ant driven project, and that is what yeast is for.


Extract the archive to a location of your choice.

Set the YEAST_HOME environment variable to the directory where the yeast archive is unpacked.

Add $YEAST_HOME/bin (or %YEAST_HOME%bin if you are using Windows) to your PATH environment variable

After performing the steps described above you should see follwing output when you run the command 'yeast':

rene-pirringers-computer:~/java/yeast-0.3.93 rene$ yeast
__ openbakery____ / /_
/ // / -_) _ `(_- - Specifies the location for the configuration xml
--resourcefile < filename > - Specifies the resource config file
--nosplash - Disables spash
--destdir - Destination directory where to store the retrieved files
--require-groups -- Specifies a comma seperated list of required groups that should be included
--require-groups-all -- include all require groups defined in the resource specifier this parameter overrules the --require-groups parameter

What's New in This Release:

renamed to yeast
changed package names to org.openbakery.yeast
added https support
added eclipse project support
added MD5 checksum support if proper md5 file is present

Last updated on March 16th, 2007

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