Webcomics Collector 0.7.3

Webcomics Collector provides a Python script for downloading webcomics.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Anders Bruun Olsen
ROOT \ Utilities
Webcomics Collector provides a Python script for downloading webcomics.

Webcomics Collector is a Python script for downloading webcomics. It is somewhat similar to dailystrips, but with a different approach to getting the strips. Where dailystrips uses dates to generate URLs or regexps, with archive download only being possible with generated URLs (and often not working correctly), collector uses regexps to grab all URLs, and makes it possible to download archives no matter what naming scheme the comic uses.

Webcomics Collector can start from the frontpage and work it's way back through the archive of a webcomic, downloading the entire archive independently of dates or naming of strip-images.

The order in which the strips should appear is recorded in a file which the webinterface and possible frontends can use. FYI: Alot of webcomics don't name their strip-images in a way that allows you to just fire up an imageviewer and start reading, so it is recommended that you use the webinterface.


Python 2.3
Posix compliant OS (sorry, Webcomics Collector uses GDBM which isn't available for Windows. Mac OSX should work though).

What's New in 0.7.3 Development Release:

Better errorhandling
Added altpreviousexp and altimgexp support
Removal of newlines and tabs before regexp searches
Added two classes (ucomics and unitedmedia) and updated the comics hosted there to use them
Added "No Need For Bushido" def
Added "Jack" def
Added "Penny Arcade" def

What's New in 0.5.3 Stable Release:

Added "CtrlAltDel" def (contributed by Michael Gloegl)
Added "Chopping Block" def (contributed by Remco Brink)
Fixed bug #23 by adding extra static referer support. (Patch contributed by Zachary Bedell)
Added "Sexy Losers", "Sex and Violence" and "Sinfest" defs (contributed by Zachary Bedell)
Added "Helpdesk" def (contributed by Michael Gloegl)
Fixed errorhandling bug where altimgexp was being referenced without testing if it was there.
Added over 40 other defs.
Better errorhandling, including collecting download errors and showing them at the end of a run
instead of aborting entire run when running into a download error.

Last updated on March 2nd, 2007

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