WISH List 0.2.2

WISH List software is a fairly simple, moderately powerful multi-column list manager.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 5
David McClamrock
ROOT \ Utilities
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WISH List software is a fairly simple, moderately powerful multi-column list manager. It is designed to be totally accessible to the ordinary computer user, while incorporating some features not often found in simple programs written for ordinary users. WISH List requires Tcl and Tk 8.4 or greater.

The basic display in "List View" consists of (1) a menu bar with File, Edit, Format, Search/Select, and Help menus; (2) a series of column title buttons for identifying, selecting, and reformatting columns; (3) a series of scrolling entry widgets for inserting list contents; (4) a series of listboxes for displaying and selecting list contents; (5) a series of horizontal scrollbars for the listboxes; and (6) a single vertical scrollbar to make all the listboxes scroll together. The contents of list rows can also be displayed in a "Full View" box, consisting primarily of (1) a vertical series of fairly long entry widgets labeled with column titles, (2) a corresponding series of "X" buttons to select a list item for display in the box's text widget; (3) a word-wrapped text widget (with vertical scrollbar), in which a list item of any length can be displayed and edited; and (4) a series of buttons at the bottom for doing things like cut, copy, paste, display the next or the previous row, etc.

Among the leading features of WISH List 0.2.2 are these:

* New Preformatted List: WISH List comes with several predefined list formats that can be used or modified to create new lists quickly. Additional predefined formats can easily be added.

* New Custom Format: A new format is specified by list name, column titles, column widths, and listbox height. When created, a new format is automatically added to the list of predefined formats.

* Open Recently Viewed List: WISH List will keep track of any number of recently viewed lists (the default is 50), and will allow the user to open one with a single right-click.

* Find/Replace: WISH List can obtain search results and display them in either List View or Full View. The "Find" box has the following features.

(1) Either exact or glob-style matching can be specified (sorry, no regular expressions, at least not yet).

(2) Option menus allow single-column or all-column specification for each search term.

(3) Radiobuttons for "or," "and," and "not" make elementary boolean searching possible.

(4) Additional search-term rows, consisting of radiobuttons, an entry widget, and an option menu, can be added with a single click or keystroke so long as they will fit on the screen.

(5) "Replace All" feature allows multiple simultaneous global search-and-replace operations in selected columns or all columns.

* Insert File: An entire text file can be inserted into a list item with a single keystroke and a single right-click (if the file has been so used before), or a few clicks in the standard "Open File" dialog box. There is no theoretical limit (so far as I know) to the length of a list item.

* Multiple list formats: The native file format is ".wit" (WISH List/Tcl), consisting of Tcl commands to set variables for list name, column titles, number of columns, column widths, list height, and list contents (retained in the form of a list of sublists, with one sublist of items for each list row). WISH List can read and write .csv and .tsv (comma-delimited and tab-delimited text) files. It can also write--but not read (at least not yet)--HTML tables, single-column HTML files (with the column titles and item contents for each list row, e.g., "TITLE: Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk," displayed in vertical sequence), and single-column text files.

* Lists can be sorted alphabetically, by any column, with a single keystroke (and a single click to select the column, if it isn't the first one).

* Foreign-language and other special characters (ISO Latin-1 only) can be inserted with a single click.

* Single or multiple list rows can be selected, cut, copied, and pasted as units.

* Columns can be added, deleted, moved, or copied intact, whether they (or other columns) contain any contents or not.

To install WISH List, you can use the "wilinstall.tcl" script that is included in the program archive. After opening the archive (by running "tar -zxvf" on the archive from the command line, if you don't have a better way), just change directory (cd) to the subdirectory containing the WISH List files and run "./wilinstall.tcl" (without the quotes) from the command line. There's also a "wiluninstall.tcl" script that you can run if you decide WISH List is useless, but I hope you'll send me suggestions for improvement instead.

I've done a fair amount of testing on WISH List, but I probably haven't abused it in every possible way. If you get a chance to try it out, let me know if you find any bugs or if you think of any features that should be added.

Last updated on November 21st, 2007


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