Twilight Hack

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3.1/5 17
Twilight Hack is a chainloader which allows you to run Linux on Nintendo Wii.




Twilight Hack is a chainloader which allows you to run Linux on Nintendo Wii. The twilight hack is currently the only safe, released way to run homebrew on the Wii.

The Twilight Hack works by employing a lengthy character name for the horse in the game ('Epona') in order to facilitate a stack smash. This gets triggered when talking to the man next to you when you start the savegame as he loads the name to use it in his dialog or upon attempting to enter the next zone, before the man talks to you and reminds you to go the other way to get the horse.


1x Wii
2x SD cards, one of which must have no files on you want to keep.
1x Non-Japanese copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess that has been run at least once
1x SD Gecko for the GameCube (or any device that lets you use SD cards as GameCube memory cards)
1x Computer running Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other Unix-based OS.
1x Some way to read SD cards on a computer
(For all homebrew so far) 1x or more GameCube controller


If you have a USBGecko, try unplugging it from the Wii before running the exploit. There's a bug in the USBGecko code used in the exploit that will make the game hang if you have a USBGecko plugged in to the wii, but not connected to any program on your computer.

If it repeatidly refuses to find your sd, taking your adapter apart, i.e one side off, then inserting it with the cover leaning on it. Works for me anyway.

This exploit does not work with every version of Zelda:TP. Easy way to check your version is to compare the text string which is on the inner cycle of the data surface with the ones below.

RVL-RZDP-0A-0 JPN - working

Some minor problems reported e.g. Some greeny lines around the top area of the screen that appear with the penguin and if the TV type is set to 480i/p (60Hz or EDTV mode) the bottom is cut off

RVL-RZDE-0A-0 JPN - working
RVL-RZDE-0A-0 USA - working
RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA - working (if you encounter problems with alpha2, re-download the latest rzde2.bin)
RVL-RZDJ-0A-0 JPN - not supported yet
Last updated on February 28th, 2008

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