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TkLife project is a multipurpose visualization program.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Alexander Kozik
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TkLife project is a multipurpose visualization program.

TkLife is a multipurpose artistic program designed to manipulate 64 different colors on a canvas.

It can be used to automatically generate complex patterns simulating the birth, life, and death of cells.

It can be used as a simple drawing tool. In BioMode, it can be used to visualize and analyze multiple DNA sequence alignments.

It can also be used to visualize numeric data from tab-delimited spreadsheets.

TkLife manipulates by 64 different colors on interactive canvas. TkLife canvas is represented by a grid. Each cell of this grid can be painted to a different color.

Originally, each cell on canvas has so called "empty" state and colored into black with white outline. If cell is painted, or activated, then outline has the same color scheme as cell's fill color. There are three modes to operate the program: drawing mode, "TkLife mode", and "BioMode". Drawing mode is a simple drawing tool.

By mouse click user can paint cells on canvas into 64 different colors. Results of painting can be saved as a text file. Tklife mode simulates birth, growth and death of cells by rules defined in the source code of the program. These rules are described in the paragraph "TkLife Rules" of this document.

TkLife mode is a kind of entertainment. Generated patterns are never the same. To activate TkLife mode click on "New" and then "Start" buttons. Do not click on "Start" button if you just busy with manual painting.

Immediately results of your painting will be automatically "mutated" by unpredictable way. However, if you do it with purpose you may get some fun.

If you run TkLife in "BioMode", it is possible to analyze and visualize DNA sequences corresponding to ORFs (Open Reading Frames). 64 different colors can represent 64 different triplets.

Each color corresponds to a particular genetic codon or amino acid. There are 64 different triplets formed by combination of four nucleotides A, G, C and T. Total number of amino acids corresponding to codons is 20 because genetic code is redundant.

Each codon is distinguishable by a color specific to this codon.

Last updated on November 15th, 2006

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