THC-Vmap 0.6

THC-Vmap stands for version mapper.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Utilities
THC-Vmap stands for version mapper.

It allows you to find out the version of a daemon by fingerprinting the features and replys of bogus commands. THC-Vmap is a great addition to the other *map tools.

How does it work?

Every daemon has it's own reply on commands. For example, the HELP command sends different replies on different FTP daemons. This can be used to fingerprint the service. vmap connects to a host's service and sends a list of commands from the directory commands/ to the daemon. Each reply is compared to a database, the fingerprint with most matches is displayed. You can run vmap with or without a valid login given for the remote service.

Can I help you?

Yes, you can! Send us any fingerprint of every daemon that is not listed in the database (If you use vmap with login name given, the fingerprints will be stored in < daemon >/wl, otherwise in < daemon >/wo ). Of course you'll get credit. Important: Please just attach the files to the email and don't send them inside the email. If you find errors in the fingerprints or in the code or if you have other suggestions, email me at

What's New in This Release:

two buffer overflows fixed
new fingerprints
Renamed vmap to vmap
vmap is an official THC release!

Last updated on March 8th, 2006

#version mapper #bogus fingerprinting #bogus replys #THC-Vmap #version #mapper #bogus

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