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A generic catalog program.






StuffKeeper is a generic catalog program. It is not focused on a particular type, you define any amount of typesm, like audio-cd, dvd, serial-number, computer-hardware, etc. All the items are listed in one big list using tags and search to order/filter these items.

The program is still pre-alpha so expect changes, bugs and missing functionality. To get an idea on how stuffkeeper looks and works checkout the Getting started guide.


Stuffkeeper currently uses sqlite3 as backend for the data. Data that is either large, or rarely accessed is stored outside the sqlite database. Currently this only involves the config file and images.
Stuffkeeper keeps its data inside:


This location, for testing purpose, can be changed by starting stuffkeeper with a commandline parameter. To start stuffkeeper with its database inside f.e. ~/.stuffkeeper2/ start it like:

stuffkeeper -d ~/.stuffkeeper2/

Multiple Instances

Stuffkeeper does not support multiple instances, it does however support multiple "views". Inside stuffkeeper press ctrl+N to open a new window. If you try to start stuffkeeper when it s allready running, it will signal the running version to open a new "view" and quits. The multiple views will stay in perfect sync. Try opening 2 windows, set them to show the same item. When you change one view, the other will update almost instantly.

Supported fields

A type consists of different fields, each field can be off one of the following types:
1. String: A single line of text.
2. Integer: A number in a spinbox.
3. Boolean: A Checkbox. It is either on or off.
4. Slider: A slider from 0-10 in steps of 0.1. Useful for rating, grade whatever.
5. List: A list of strings. You get an embedded list view, with add/remove buttons
6. Text: A Multiline text entry box.
7. Image: An image. The image is scaled to 250x250 and stored inside stuffkeepers database.
8. Date & Time: A date and time field.
9. Link: Shows a link or e-mail address. It adds a button you can click to open the link.
Last updated on August 18th, 2009
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