StarTalk 0.4

StarTalk reads and writes to a Motorola StarTac PCS/CDMA phone.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Scott Gifford
ROOT \ Utilities
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StarTalk is a program that reads and writes the entries in your Motorola StarTac PCS (CDMA) phonebook.

It currently basically lets you dump your addressbook and write a new addressbook to your phone. It aspires to let you read and set all options in your phone, and to be easily integrated into a package designed to synchronize phonebooks.

This release of StarTalk is more written as a demo program than nything else. It will write your phonebook to a text file and read pecially formatted text files in to write them to the phone. It also as a simplistic test mode, which will send a couple packets that I aven't had time to analyze, and print the results, for future figuring out. When run in debug level 3 or higher, it will include full packet dumps to and from the phone, which have proven useful in figuring out how the protocol works, and in decoding the information in the packets.

You can combine the reading and writing phonebook text files with some straightforward Perl scripting to synchronize your phone addressbook
with another addressbook -- just read in both books, decide what needs to be changed to make them synchronized, and write out a text file which will cause StarTalk to make the changes. Then run st to write this text file to your phone.


A digital Motorola StarTAC phone with TrueSync support, with the cable that lets you connect it to the serial port on your computer.
Some version of UNIX. I have personally used it on Linux, and have heard succesful reports of it being used on various BSDs and Solaris. StarTalk is designed to be a portable program, so if it doesn't work on your platform, please let me know!
A reasonable compiler and C library.

Using it

You can build startalk with

make install

Once you have done that, run 'startalk' with no arguments for help.

Last updated on September 13th, 2006

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