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Speak Cal is speaking calendar.




Speak Cal is speaking calendar. It stores and recalls text associated with a day of the calendar.

Here are some key features of "Speak Cal":

Easy to use browser for a virtual calendar. speak_cal calendar is audio only.
Speaks the month, year, and day as well as any text that the user has entered to be associated with that day.
Stores and recalls any text data the user enters and accociates it with the day of the calendar the browser is on.



Arrow keys : Move a virtual cursor around the calendar.
Right : Moves to next day.
Left : Moves to previous day.
Down : Moves to next week.

Up : Moves to previous week.

> : Moves to next month.
< : Moves to previous month.

Moving from on day to another also causes program to automaticaly store any text that was entered and associates it with the proper day.

Commands use the alt-key sequences:

Alt-m : Speak month and year.
Alt-t : Speak text data.
Alt-n : Speak the day the cursor is on.

Alt-s : Saves text data.
Alt-d : Deletes text data associated with the day cursor is on.
Alt-x : Saves and exits.
Alt-a or Alt-v : Speak version of speak_cal.
Alt-h or Alt-? : Speak help text.


PerlSpeak.pm A Perl Module for text to speech.
A text to speech system like festival or cepstral.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed problem saving text on some systems
Added speak version feature Alt-v or Alt-a
Added speaking help feature Alt-h
Last updated on January 30th, 2008

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