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Snippits project is Ruby program that will type text for you.




Snippits project is Ruby program that will type text for you. It uses 'snippits', small text files with a simple syntax to determine what to type.

However, snippits can be very powerful, since they can contain embedded ruby, special keys (Control, Shift, Up, etc), and can contain a cursor placement instruction.

Feedback, patches, bugs, and suggestions are welcome.


There are two programs which work together to let you auto-type snippits.

- snippit

This program looks into the snippits directory ($HOME/.snippits by default), and
presents a menu to insert a snippit. Pressing escape executes the 'ruby' snippit, which in turn pops up another dialog that takes ruby code as input. You can pass the snippit filename to the snippit command, and it will execute it and output the result without a dialog. Snippit depends on erb, embedded ruby, to be installed. Consult your distribution documentation on how to install erb.


snippit files are small files with a certain simple syntax. First, the name of the file is a parameter that can be passed the snippit command, or used as a keyword (more about this below). Then, the contents of the file are parsed like this: The first line is a non-content line, and is displayed as a title in the selection dialog. The rest of the lines are plain text, and they will be output
as-is. You also have the option of using embedded ruby tags, < % % >, to embed ruby. For example, to display the output of 1+1 (in case it ever changes), as evaluated by Ruby, you could write < % print 1+1% >, or, more concisely, < %=1+1% >.

What's New in This Release:

· Noticeable speed increase.
· Fixed bug with cursor positioning code
· Fixed bug with debug mode.
· Fixed bug with decrypting GPG-encrypted files
· Fixed bug with outputting GPG-encrypted files in a non-interactive session
· Corrected RAspell dependency

Changes and Features
· Made a class-level method to make expanding a snippit easier, and cleaned up other executables
· Moved essential system snippits to lib/snippits_builtin.rb, overridable, list with 'builtin' snippit
· Updated README.txt: made clearer, clarified eRB and Debian/Ubuntu install
Last updated on December 28th, 2007

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