Shell Tunnel

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A program was written to provide -L and -R like options in ssh(1) for normal shell





Shell Tunnel is a program was written to provide -L and -R like options in ssh(1) for normal shell.

It use a client program and a server program (just same program with different options) to provide this feature.

Client program (launched from your machine) launch a ssh to your server (you can change launched program using --shell options).

In your server launch the program with --server options, this launch a shell. Now you can do whatever you want and use your port redirected !!! For technical info see note.txt, to sum up server and client detect some special format in normal flow that are threated like data from sockets or control informations.

One of the main use it's to use in a compile farm to test some client program without installing server one (for example cause you can't install it or it's too heavy... consider a proprietary database).

This program was originally written in Perl and after a while translated to C with additional feature (like pseudo terminals). See shtunnel and shserver perl file (not compatible with C version).

Classifier utility was written to distinguish single output/error streams. I find it useful for scripting of support multiple stream even when only a single stream is given.
Last updated on April 27th, 2012

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