SDict Viewer 0.5.2

SDict Viewer is a viewer for dictionaries in open format developed by AXMA Soft.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Sam Tygier
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SDict ViewerSDict ViewerSDict Viewer
SDict Viewer is a viewer for dictionaries in open format developed by AXMA Soft. SDict Viewer project's goal is to provide usable dictionary application for Nokia Internet Tablets (770, N800 and N810) running Maemo. Because SDict Viewer is written in Python and its user interface is implemented in PyGTK, it should be possible to run it on any platform where Python and PyGTK are available. Many free dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias are available for download at

Here are some key features of "SDict Viewer":

· Works with dictionaries in AXMASoft's open dictionary format. Get dictionaries at Sdictionary community site
· Works with multiple dictionaries at the same time
· Rich article text formatting
· Hyperlinks in article text: references to other articles and external links (any string that starts with http://, opens in external web browser)
· Displays list of possible word completions as you type
· Words in completion list are grouped by language
· Displays multiple articles if word selected is present in multiple opened dictionaries
· Allows to copy full article or selected text to clipboard
· Keeps word lookup history
· Allows to select font for phonetic transcriptions (additional font installation may be required)
· Displays detailed dictionary information


· Virtual keyboard disappears unexpectedly when user starts to modify word input while a word is selected in word completion list. You may find it more convenient to clear the word input with "Cancel" key or "Clear" button before starting next lookup.
· When word lists from several dictionaries in the same language are merged the resulting list may not be correctly sorted. Sorting applied uses non-language aware string comparisons. Maybe PyICU is the way to do it properly, but I don't think Maemo port exists yet.
· In large dictionaries lookup of certain words may take a relatively long time. This is mostly due to the fact that most dictionaries use only 3 level short index. When a number of words that starts with the same 3 letters is large the further down the list the word is the longer its lookup takes. Starting from 0.5.0 SDict Viewer indexes under-indexed portions of dictionaries on the fly as it encounters them, so first lookup may be very slow, subsequent lookups of the same or similar words are usually much faster.
· References to other articles may not work in some cases: a word in one form may be tagged as reference, but dictionary only contains this word in a different form. Current dictionary format doesn't provide any additional information to properly resolve the reference. How often a user may encounter this depends a lot on a specific dictionary and specific language.
· Scrolling large articles is slow.


· GTK+ version 2.4.x

What's New in This Release:

· This release improves handling of large dictionaries like Wikipedia.
· Many other bugs were fixed.

Last updated on November 24th, 2007

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